2018 Young Artists Show


Young Artists Show 


October 4 – October 14

Take – In:

Fri: 9/28 4pm-7pm, Sat: 9/29 1pm-5pm and Sun: 9/30 1pm-4pm

Opening Reception:

Friday: 10/5 5pm-7pm

Closing Reception:

Sunday: 10/14 1pm-3pm


Inside Montclair Place on the upper level between Nordstrom and Gallery SOHO



Young Artists Show (YAS) Framing Guidlines

Direction for preparing your art work for the art show

  1. All art work must be wired to hang. No saw tooth hangers on back of frames will be accepted.
  2. Any art work painted on canvas must have the sides painted.
  3. We would like the students art work to be framed. Check Local Art Supply Stores for frames, and wiring supplies. These stores have online coupons that you can use for discounts on store framing or framing supplies.
  4. If your are doing the framing yourself, attach the D hooks to the frame, and secure the wire to the D hooks.
  5. If you enter art work on paper, at the very least, have the art piece matted. You can purchase mats that are cut for the size of you artwork at the two stores mentioned above.
Included here are photos of the D-Hooks and wire to use to complete you framing for the Young Artist Show.

** If artists do not wire their art work, we will add a $5.00 service charge to prepare the work for hanging.

** TEACHERS, if you have any questions please call (909) 624-4900. Leave your contact info with the PVAA host on duty and one of the Show chairpersons will get back to you promptly.



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