Elisa Arancibia

Elisa Arancibia

Elisa Arancibia is a painter born in PERU.  She started drawing and painting at a young age.

Elisa Studied at the MALI ( Museum of Art of Lima -Peru) Where, She spent months learning drawing, painting and sculpturing techniques; and took Art classes at the ISP. SACRED HEART in PERU; while she was studying to be a teacher. Elisa got her degree as a History and Geography teacher by 1992 and, she worked as a teacher for twelve years until She, comes to the United States in 2001.

Since she arrived Elisa started working in different jobs keeping in my mind the dream being an artist.

No matter how busy her schedule was; she always makes time for her passion.


As Gerard de Marigny, said:


Elisa has that feeling and, as a result, she never stops painting. Elisa started her journey as a serious painter in 2012. Elisa started showing her art at Art walks and some small galleries close to her home. And she never stops learning. She studied at the “Virtual Art Academy” of Barry John Raybould and at The Easel Insight by Gabor Svagrik and Phil Starke.

Elisa surrounded herself with books, videos, and assisted to different workshops and demos with Bill Inman, Lorenzo Chavez, Jane Hunt, Heather Arenas, Sharon Weaver and Jason Situ.

Elisa was completely captivated by people and their environment. She keeps painting without breaks since the beginning; whether just for her own enjoyment or for private commissions.

Elisa paintings, synthesized from sketches from life and from her imagination, backed up by photographs and memories; are a dialogue between the observed and the remembered, the planned and the surprise that happens on the canvas or panel. They are the starting point for the exciting process of painting which is as much about imagination and experience as about the rendering or realization of specific images.

She uses oil paint on canvas panels and tries to show a glimpse of various life realistic landscapes and urban scenes, capturing a sense of time and place, light and space in California.

Light is the main focus of most of her paintings, but also she loves to depict water as she enjoys the way in which light is reflected and the patterns created by the ripples.

Paintings in a variety of subject matters—Landscapes, seascapes, urban scenes, people, nature, animals, etc. Her goal is to paint with a freshness, energy, and expression.

Lately Elisa’s painting “Fishing Time” was juried and selected by the OPA (Oil Painters Of America) to be at the Western Juried Exhibition at Illume Gallery of Fine Art, in Utah  In November 2017. The same painting was awarded 2nd Place in the Genre Category at the 65th Mid-Valley Art League  65th Anniversary Members Exhibition in April 2018.

website: www.elisaarancibia.com

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