A group of painters meeting in Washington Park, Pomona, held their first exhibition in the Pomona City Library in 1948. This enthusiastic art club became the POMONA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION in 1952. Its constitution and by-laws were adopted in January of that year. A move to the Pomona Mall in 1960 was the first of many homes for the Association.

Through the loyal, dedicated efforts of its members and friends, it has continued to serve the community, increasing the understanding of and appreciation for art and at the same time promoting and supporting many fine artists and artisans.

The Association is proud of the fact that its membership through the years has included outstanding award-winning artists who have achieved recognition and acclaim in the art world, such as MILFORD ZORNES, BETTY DAVENPORT FORD, DAVID W. SCOTT, & DON O’NEILL. As a member, you become part of its future history.

POMONA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION is a volunteer supported non-profit organization dedicated to the stimulation of creative interest, education and the enjoyment of art in all its various forms. Nominal yearly dues entitles anyone to become a member of this old and honored organization.

Whether you are an artist or one who appreciates fine art, please consider becoming a member of POMONA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION. You may join online or visit us at our location in the Claremont Village in Claremont CA. We are located 317 W First Street Claremont CA. 




President…Kathleen McCall
Vice-President…James Ellison
Treasurer…Elizabeth Moyer
Membership…Alma Ford 
Recording Secretary…Linda Garcia Dahle
Board Members at Large…Linda Hauser, Don Markofski,  Alma Ford, Sonia Sleeger, Lysa Ashley
Gallery Operations Exhibit Team …John Bagley Jr , Kathleen McCall , Diantha Thompson, Ruthellyn Whittington
Monthly Show Chairs…Sonia Sleeger, Lysa Ashley 
Staffing Team ..Ruthellyn Whittington
Communications & Social Media Team .  John Bagley Jr , Don Markofski
PVAA Business Transformation Manager. Robert Scott 
PVAA Calendar and Events.  Heidi Alder 







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