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Suzan Perry

Suzan Perry

Suzan will be showing watercolors of her mountain friends this August 10 -October. 3rd 2021 at Some Crust Bakery exhibit. Some Crust Bakery is located at 119 Yale Ave in Claremont, CA. For more information, contact Suzan at

I practiced many art forms as a young girl. Around 1990 – twelve years into my Aikido practice, my interest in Japanese Zen calligraphy was awakened by two Zen monk friends, Kazuaki Tanahashi and John Stevens. Over 45 years later, I continue my study of Japanese brushwork through its many forms: kanji, kana, big brush, small brush, and hand- made brush, as well as classical forms and wild, ‘in-the-moment’ Zen brush practice on [he side of Mt. Baldy. The versatility of the brush enables the artist to express life in a stroke. It is a brush with life.

Suzan Perry’s full collection can also be found in Gallery SOHO in Montclair Place or at her store on SOHO Online 



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