Community Events

Rising Stars Equestrian Therapy

Sunday August 8th the PVAA supported the annual fundraiser for the Rising Stars Equestrian Therapy group at the Ranch and home of PVAA Artist member Rick ( Rico) Morris. Board members Ruthellyn Whittington and John Bagley Jr represented the PVAA and Gallery SOHO at this event to support the community as a meet and greet for the PVAA. They brought several original artworks from Gallery SOHO from a few gallery Artists to the event, passed flyers and information introducing the PVAA to the community. Celebrating the Arts with another wonderful organization that gives back to the community was an honor.

Since 1991, Rising Stars of Equestrian Therapy has provided therapeutic and recreational horseback riding lessons to physically and mentally challenged children and adults. Horseback riding is a multidisciplinary approach to neurodevelopment therapy and physical rehabilitation that produces specific benefits and provides overall conditioning of the rider.

Dinner in the beautiful garden at Rick’s ranch

The fundraiser included, music, entertainment, Art and dinner. The event was a success and the mission of connecting with the local communities was a success. Special thanks to Rick Morris for including the PVAA in his program and thank you to all the volunteers from Rising Stars and our community outreach team Ruthellyn Whittington and John Bagley Jr for volunteering at this fundraiser. Next time you see Rick at the PVAA ask his about his amazing organization and other charities.

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