Craig Harper

Craig Harper
Boxes • Furniture • Whimsies • Picture Boxes

I discovered art during the “Summer of Love” in the sixties and became fascinated by its power.  Later on, I attended an exhibit entitled “Object d’art” where I experienced another epiphany.  Why not make everyday functional objects more visually interesting?

I began my career in Drawing and Painting at the University of Utah and eventually gravitated to sculpture and design.  I became fascinated by furniture design, and subsequently swept away by artisanal boxes.

Most of the pieces are made of wood, including pine, fir, teak, mahogany, walnut, oak… you name it.  Every time that I cut into a new pieces of wood, it is like opening a new gift, as you never know what to expect inside.  All of the pieces are painstakingly hand crafted, and some I have used on my home.  Signs of use have been considered in the pricing of those items, though most are new.

I like to experiment and strive for maximum efficiency and use while being mindful of aesthetics.  I will often incorporate different media’s into my pieces as I see fit.

By and large, I do not like to take orders and design someone else’s specs as this tends to turn my passion into a job or chore.  There is a one exception. That is with the picture boxes.

I hope you enjoy my work.


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