Doug Pearsall

Doug Pearsall
Mixed Media

Doug Pearsall is a mixed media artist and a graduate of UCSB, residing in Southern California. His works have appeared at California African American Museum, Loft at Liz’s, Pomona Valley Arts Association/SOHO Gallery, Padua Hills Art Fiesta, Claremont Gallery Marketplace at The Packing House, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Torrance Art Museum, TAG Gallery, Crafted at The Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Calendar. Additionally Doug has spent many years working in sales, marketing and customer service.

For 2022’s “Peace Together” he and a group of African American and Korean American artists put together a show to commemorate the 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest, that work’s title: Just Get Along; in 2018 he was one of sixteen artists selected to create an installation for the Los Angeles County Fair/ Millard Sheets Gallery exhibition “ALT 66.” That work-titled “In The Pursuit of Dreams” focused on (The Great) African American Migration from the rural south to the urban settings of Los Angeles and was viewed by over 100,000 guests. 

Doug is currently building new bodies of work based in his interest in growing beyond collage into assemblage and mixed media sculpture-fusing dissimilar elements to explore relationships that reveal a serendipitous nexus of form and meaning. He refers to his work as “Art from The Heart,” because each exploration, each step along his creative path is taken with sincerity and a sense of nascent wonder.

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