Gallery SOHO

Gallery SOHO is a co-op gallery managed and staffed by volunteer artists, all members of the POMONA VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION. The Gallery is open Monday through Sunday from 11am-7pm 

Member artists show their work in the 2000 square foot gallery located in the Montclair Place, 2nd level 

If you are interested in showing & selling your art in Gallery SOHO, give us a call at (909) 624-4900 during business hours. We will send you information, an application, and look forward to seeing examples of your work!

Gallery SOHO
2027 Montclair Plaza Lane, Montclair, CA 91763

Gallery SOHO Hours:
11AM – 7 PM Monday through Sunday  Email us
Phone: (909) 624-4900

Artists currently exhibiting at Gallery SOHO

Heidi Alder
Janet Arquillano
John Bagley Jr
Jim Balderrama
Lisa Carrillo
Jack “Cactus” Caselles
Su Cheatham
Michael Cheatham
Jose de Jesùs Garcia
H Benjamin Diaz
Robin Driscoll 
James Ellison
Ernestina Fleig
Alma Ford
Andre Ford 
Kathy Gysin
Annick Haddad
Craig Harper

Linda Hauser
Charlene Hobbs
Kat Hopkins
Ruba Khoury
Ginger Lai
Ron Lane
Luanne Lynch
Deb Madden
Don Markofski
Maria Marvosh
Renee Matter
Danny Mattijetz
Raji Mayil
Kathleen McCall
Donna Mieux
Arlene Moreno
Rico Morris
Elizabeth Moyer
Roscoe Lee Owens

Susan Perry
Elizabeth Preston
Maryann Rachford
Mark Rush
Ellen Schultz
Robert Scott
Pechez Sepehri
Sonia Sleeger
Colleen Sparlin
Wade Stanley
Katherine Thomas
Diantha Thompson
Eric Watkins
Steven Weaver
Ruthellyn Whittington

**All artists retain copyright and ownership of their works displayed on this site**


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