Lisa M. Valencia

Lisa M. Valencia

I am a photographer who has mostly been self taught but always willing to learn more. I come from a small town (San Dimas). We are the city of pioneers, cowboys and Indians. My specialty is capturing abstract photos that get the imagination going. I am also a member of the Inland Empire Professional Photographers.

I just love taking photos especially of flowers and other interesting things. My objective is to capture photos where you can see more that meets the eye. I like to encourage the use of the imagination and to “Look Closer and Beyond”. Look closer and beyond is the name on my business cards. So when you look at my photos I hope it catches people’s attention and gets the mind going.

I’m encouraged and inspired by many things but my biggest inspiration would be my grandmother who has always had a love and appreciation for flowers and beautiful things of life. It has inspired me to capture that love through my photos. I also am inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland, a favorite of mine. I hope others can appreciate and have a love for my photos.


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