Maria M. Oms

Maria M. Oms

Maria M. Oms was born in Cuba, and at age 15 immigrated to the USA.  She has been living in Southern California since the 70s where she went to college, took up photography as a hobby, maintained a 37 year professional career in auditing/finance and raised her family.  More than three decades later, she takes up her dormant hobby, and discovers passion for photography.

Maria enrolled at Tri-Community School of Photography and received a Certificate of Proficiency.  She has trained and has been inspired by the teachings of Shayne McGuire and Ramiro Gaytan among others.  Now, her unique and captivating images, from unimaginable locations, are available for your enjoyment.  Maria’s images have received “merit” and “honorable recognition”.

Maria’s images are unquestionably the result of hours of work, fun and rewarding experiences, showing the emotions and thrilling moments, telling a story to the viewer …”the process to get those images is the most rewarding.” Maria’s passion is fueled by her love of adventure and life and constant seeking of gratifying experiences.

“Photography, for me,… stirs up feelings and emotions … intimidation and fear as a curious lion approaches within feet of the vehicle, or a threatened elephant charges … tests my patience and endurance … waiting countless hours in the sweltering heat of the African savannah waiting for a leopard to come down from a tree, or trekking through two feet of snow to capture a pack of wolves, a Siberian tiger … is the thrill of lying on my stomach, inching to the edge of the canyon, and peering a mile down to capture the Colorado River twisting around Horseshoe Bend … it rewards me with unforgettable memories.”

While a versatile photographer, Maria’s interest and concentration is in wildlife, landscape and architectural photography.  Maria is a member of the Pomona Valley Art Association (PVAA).  To view Maria’s collection, or to learn more about her, please visit Gallery SOHO, Montclair Plaza, Montclair, CA.

Instagram:  omsphoto
phone: (626) 221-7011
facebook: Maria Oms Photography


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