Renee Matter

Renee Matter
Oil • Colored Pencil • Mixed Media

My first memory of nature was when I was 3 years old. I was in a freezing stream of crystal blue water in Yosemite, splashing and playing with my older brother. I refused to get out of the frigid water even though my lips were blue and my parents were insisting that I get out and get warm.

I remember also my first real feelings of love for rocks, trees and the beautiful forests of California. My family and I were hiking in King’s Canyon National Forest. They were all following the trail but I was along the side of the trail climbing up and over all the rocks I could climb. I now celebrate that love with my paintings of landscapes.

I celebrate my love of art and painting in many different ways and, ultimately, in many different styles. I am always willing to try something new with my art, whether it is a new medium, style or a different genre of painting altogether. However, I always come back to my landscapes, especially of the forests, deserts and shoreline of California.

I learned at the age of 7 that I had a talent for drawing. In college I learned the fundamentals of drawing, shapes, shading and techniques I never had the opportunity to learn before. In 2000, after earning my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled in an adult evening course in oil painting and fell in love. I have taken a few workshops since then but am largely self-taught.

My greatest influences are the impressionists, specifically Renoir, Monet and Manet, and the emphasis on color and light. I learn everything I can from anyone willing to teach me, and for them I offer my heartfelt thanks.


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