Roscoe Lee Owens

Roscoe Lee Owens
Repurposed Materials



Since a young age, I’ve been in the present of positive powerful, in-depth parents with a brother and sister with awesome guidance and personalities. My Parents had their dynamic friends who visited at our home as they were later recognized as mentors displaying stepping stones for success. Their influence in music, business and community, encouraged and led me to study behaviors, marketing and the ARTS. Their influence was mostly to enjoy an incredible LIFE of Purpose.



The therapeutic artistic project by RLO is the first of the travel series “Something JazzZee” recapturing the move groove of my dad hitting the road on Route 66 “When the rubber hits the road”. RLO using the old tire inner tube displays the travels west from The Harlem Hotel in East Saint Louis Ill. to the Dunbar Hotel in Los Angeles Ca. one step at a time. The Negro Motorist GREEN BOOK used as the GPS of the past to navigate the Jim Crow attitudes and discrimination on the historic “Americas Highway Route 66.”
Give the drummer some is with the creative repurposed symbols, wind-chimes; drum head the real RLO face, the flower box and the repurposed Jimmie Owens 1944 drum kit. RLO repurposed fallen tree barks to create a new face of a growing idea celebrating Jazz and the next chapter in the life of the Move Groove “Something JazzZee”.
RLO: “I have the opportunity to celebrate the success of artists that I have had the pleasure to participate with, represent and showcase through the Arroyo Gallery, the JazzZone Network and several festivals for over 30 years. It is my honor to display the first showcase of my repurposed therapeutic artistic talent entering my next phase in the Move Groove”.

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