Ways You Can Help PVAA

  • PVAA would like someone with filing skills and proficient in Mac Pages and Numbers programs to assist in the PVAA office.
  • Volunteers need to host at The PVAA Art Place. Please see The PVAA Art Place Hosting Calendar for times needed to be filled. Host may fill 2, 3, 4 or more hours as time is available (3 hours 12-3pm or 3-6pm is preferred).We need volunteers to greet guest and offer information about the Monthly Show, The PVAA Art Place and assist Gallery SOHO host with breaks. We have open time slots that need immediate filling.Please contact us at: info@pvaa.net.
  • Note: these are strictly volunteer hours and not Gallery Hosting hours. Gallery Host are scheduled through our Gallery Scheduling Manager.
  • We are looking for a photographer who has photo editing capability (Photoshop) to take the Monthly Show winner photos and prepare them for the website.   This would be done monthly following the show take in and judging.  Please contact info@pvaa.net if interested in providing this service to the PVAA.
  • PVAA is looking for someone to assist with organizing, maintaining and digitally copying our historical records. For more details, please contact us at: info@pvaa.net Would likely evolve into our PVAA Historian position.
  • PVAA would like someone to actively monitor and work with our off site exhibition at the Toyotech Automotive facility. For more details, please contact us at: info@pvaa.net

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