Kathleen McCall

Kathleen McCall
Watercolor • Mixed Media • 3D

I discovered in childhood that art gave me a sense of expression, freedom and permission to play “outside the box”. I always had art supplies, although I occasionally used “found” supplies. One of my early attempts of playing “outside the box” was creating a colorful art piece for my grandmother. I painted her toilet seat with her finest nail polishes; it was my first negative critique.


I have had wonderful art teachers who encouraged me to be creative and expressive. I attended art classes taught by Andree Mahoney, Martha Underwood, Anthony Ivins,  Aida Hughes and Silvia Megerdichian (Art Box).  Recently I had the great fortune of attending a seven-day art workshop taught by award-winning watercolorist Chris Van Winkle. Through all these wonderful artists and teachers, and the friends with whom I share the passion of art, I have learned art can be a very powerful form of expression and joy.

I like experimenting with abstract shapes and color variations. I usually paint in watercolors and add fine details with pen and pencil to define what I see. My desire is to surprise and delight the viewer with unexpected color, shape, and detail.  I like to go where my imagination takes me. I hope you enjoy it.

Much of my 3-D art is composed of recycled materials. Old kitchen cabinets, discarded wire, torn up unsuccessful paintings; all are found in my art pieces. Currently I am constructing earrings from some of my less successful paintings. I enjoy repurposing objects and incorporating them in my art pieces.


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